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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mt Solitary: The Miners' Pass

Some of us were back in the country, others were about to leave. So in the window available we planned a night in the bush lest we lose all our skills before our ambitious plans for the Summer.

The plan was to climb Mt Solitary from the East, via the Col, and then descend the Miners' Pass, which we have looked for before but not found. Then across the Jamison Valley and the Kedumba River to the Sublime Point fire trail, camp, and a quick walk out the next morning.

Here's a picture from the beginning; of one of the regulars and a visitor to our workplace, Juha. Welcome, Juha! Yours truly didn't bring a tripod so no pics of me!

The day began superbly with mist in the valley making for a glorious view from near the locked gate at Kedumba Valley Road.

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The descent and the climb of the Col proceeded like clockwork, despite the present unfitness of the present blogger. Here's a picture of one of us relaxing on the Col:

After a quick bite, we found the miners' pass with a minimum of fuss. You will find it at JAMISON 5294 5863. Descent was not bad at all: the description we had read called for rope at one point. We encountered a few points where we had to pack haul, but nothing too tricky.

At the bottom we headed of ENE to try to find our campsite. None of us had walked much off track in the Jamison Valley before, and it is glorious walking. Very little vine (if you stay out of the gullies) and lovely woodland. There were fantastic ridges to follow down to the Kedumba River.

A highlight was a magnificent warratah in full flower (Telopea speciosissima)

Here it is with Paul posing:

After a clear and lovely night, it was back along the fire trail to the car. The previous day we had been amazed by the sole warratah we saw, but at one place near the trail we counted 16!

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