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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wilderness Symposium

One lucky son of the desert was able to join part of Wilderness Symposium 2.0, an occasional event combining philosophy talks and hiking organised by Jim Tabery, Carl Craver and friends. The first seminar was scheduled for the top of this rock in Zion Canyon, Utah

This is a highly visited park, and there are steps up the steepest section.

But it gets a little wilder up the top.

The views from the top are amazing.

We took a little break when we reached the seminar room.

Then we headed up to the summit for more views.

There were some voracious chipmunks on the summit, very used to tourists. That red water bottle is one of the very nice ones handed out at ISHPSSB, our real reason for being in Utah.

Suitably rested, we assembled in the seminar room for the first talk.

Deep in their handouts, the audience becomes oblivious to the scenery.

Question time.

Then we walked back down the mountain. Here's the view from the end of the trail. The rest of the symposists headed off for a multi-day walk and talk, but, unfortunately, I was unable to join them - maybe next time, in the Pyrenees!

1 comment:

  1. It adds a whole new dynamic to a question session to add a vertical cliff directly behind the speaker. Also, lovely!


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