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Monday, June 20, 2011

Perry's to Mount Victoria

It's winter, and there's a need to keep up the fitness for our fairly ambitious summer walking program. So we plan a daywalk in the Blue Mountains: down into the Grose Valley at Perry's Lookdown, up the river and climb up the track to Victoria falls. After pumping caffeine into Lise at Blackheath, we leave the car at the Victoria Falls carpark, and get a cab to the start of the walk at Perry's Lookdown.

Here we are at the beginning (must bring a tripod on these walks so that everyone can be in the pic!)
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We march down the track, and head upriver. Morning tea is at a crossing where someone has made an extraordinarily beautiful cairn:
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We wonder what the crossing is: at fist we thought it might go to Pierce's Pass, but that's not for a while.

We are reminded just how beautiful the Grose Valley is. On our recent Wollemi walk we became convinced that the  Capertee was overwhelming more lovely. Well, it is more impressive, but one shouldn't knock the Grose just because it's familiar!
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After lunch (gosh it's nice to have real sandwiches and fresh fruit! - the privileges of a day walk) we reach the confluence of Victoria Creek and the Grose.

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And there are lovely views downstream:
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Then it's time for the slog up the hill. Actually it's not much of a slog up to Victoria Falls itself, most of the elevation gain is in the last half kilometre as the crow flies (which is probably a couple of k as the track winds). At the falls, Paul acts out being the mermaid of Copengagen:
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Then it's the march up to the cars, and light dinner in a mighty weird Christian sect's cafe in Katoomba!
Great day, about as much as could be done in the day length, and nice to knock the cobwebs out of the legs!

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