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Monday, April 4, 2011

A Stroll in the Park

After the all too exciting events of last weekend, the Sons deemed it a good idea to get back on the horse quickly, as it were. But to do so in a nice, mild confidence building way! So we settled on a stroll in the park: 17 (21 it turned out) km from Mt Kuring-gai station to Cowan via Brerowra Waters.

We left the station, and all met up at the track head. And off we marched, on a lovely morning on well made track. So relaxed were we that there was time to take a picture of this impressive spider:

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We soon came to a remarkable swamp with a kind of button grass growing in it:

There was then a lovely climb of about 200m on a very well made track that still managed to have a wilderness feel to it. Some very nice views appeared, and after a while we get to the Brerowra Creek:

We then descended to Brerowra waters; turns out that despite all the enticing ads on the web, if you don't want to shell out for the Brerowra Waters Inn, there's not much to eat there unless you want fish and chips! But we had fun crossing on the ferry; once over to the food, and once back. Here's a image of the ferry from when we climbed out of Brerowra Waters:

There was then a series of roughly 200m climbs. In a saddle between twin peaks we found a remarkable small but very deep bathing pool. Maureen, who jumps into all available clean water sources, couldn't resist. Here she is, as if modelling for Cleopatra's Bath:

Then it was down and up and down and up...

Close to Cowan we came to a dirt road that gave access to the Old Pacific Highway: since we had realized that Paul wouldn't be able to get a train from Cowan (they wouldn't stop where his car was parked) we decided to all share a cab back to station with regular service. So we got the highway and called a cab. Minor mistake. After half an hour we called the cab company, and still no car had taken the job and no sign of one. We cancelled the cab, and walked to Brerowra down the highway. Actually, it was a pleasant evening without much traffic, so we walked counter-flow to the traffic with headlights on so we could be seen. After a pleasant and speedy roadbash we were at Brewowra, where a train was due soon.

WIth the roadbash it was about 21km, and a lovely scenic walk. Well worth doing, and a great way for us to shake out last weeks cobwebs!

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