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Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Short Walk in The Morton National Park

Bundanoon, in the Southern Highlands of NSW, is a charming little town about two hours south of Sydney. When some SOTD had reason to be there, it we felt that a chance to get into the Morton NP – Bundanoon backs right onto it  –  was not to be missed.

So we planned a  morning walk down the cliff via Tooth's Track to Bundanoon Creek, and then up to Fairy Bower Falls (a charming waterfall that this poster has visited often) and out via the Amphitheatre track.

The top of the Tooth's track is difficult indeed by the standards of a walk that is advertised to tourists. But after visiting wild places where we, humiliatingly, had to add time to the advertised times on walks, we were encouraged to get down to the creek and back in less than half the time that the signs had claimed.

It was warm and humid, and the creek provided a lovely respite:

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It also has lots of lovely tiny wild flowers growing around it. I was reminded that my lovely Zeiss Makro-Planar standard lens is indeed a near-macro (1:2 magnification) lens:

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Then we headed up the hill, and on to Fairy Bower falls. Here we stopped for some lunch and a chance to cool off. Here's a DOTD doing said cooling off:

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The water looks lovely and fresh, but as it's flowing off the plateau past septic tanks and god knows what else it's not good to drink. Thinking this was a little walk, we didn't bring quite enough water for perfect comfort, and nor did we have a filter. Reminder: daywalks with climbing can be thirsty too, and a bit more than a litre each is not enough!

At the moment we arrived, a shaft of life lit one lone tree from above:

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A tiny spot of navigational embarrassment (not helped by dodgy batteries in the GPS) paid off with another waterfall, and the most amazing fungi:

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Soon we were back on track, and walking around the Amphitheatre, which is an impressive sandstone cliff carved b water into amazing shapes. The track winds around the base of the cliff, still a couple of hundred metres above the Bundanoon Creek. A 4km road bash back to the car was surprisingly pleasant, passing lovely rural scenery and on soft gravel roads. Just before the car we saw the first egg and bacon peas we've seen since last spring:

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Back at the car by  2, in time for scones and back home with time for some work. All in all a very productive day!

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