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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mt Solitary Traverse

The traverse of the Jameson Valley via Mt Solitary (seen above from Katoomba) seemed an ideal introduction to the Blue Mountains for four American colleagues. The party consisted of these two couples and three regular 'sons'. We started at the Golden Staircase rather late in the day having made a wise decision to wait out the rain in a cafe in Katoomba

A few hours brought us to Chinaman's Gully, where there was water in the creek due to the recent rain and we camped under the rock overhang.

It was a wild and windy night and the campfire was more like a blast furnace, needing high rock walls to keep it under control. The bush was soaked from a day of rain, or a fire would not have been a good idea.

The next morning dawned fine and clear, and we had magificent views from the Col before heading down to the Kedumba River and back up to Wentworth Falls.

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